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Waltzing Soprillda

clarinet choir edition

Composed by: Philip R Buttall
Genres: Classical, Swing, Various
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Waltzing Soprillda


This witty and imaginative take on Australia's signature waltz was originally written for Nigel Wood and his soprillo. (It is one of the first pieces to be published for soprillo saxophone.

In it, the agile little piccolo sax (soprillo) revisits 'Matilda' in the styles of Ravel, Schubert, Beethoven, Sousa, swing and more, and she is (of course!) serenaded with didgeridoo fanfares.


Solo Ab/Eb/Bb Cl (Eb) Bb Bb Bb Bb Bb Bb/Alto Cl. Bs Cl Bs Cl/ContraAlto (Contra) (Drum Kit) (Percussion) (Glock)


5 min, 15 sec

Performance Notes

This Edition is scored as follows:
Solo Ab or Eb or Bb Clarinet
Eb Clarinet (optional)
Bb Clarinet 1
Bb Clarinet 2
Bb Clarinet 3
Bb Clarinet 4
Bb Clarinet 5
Bb Clarinet 6 (alt. to Alto Clarinet in Eb)
Alto Clarinet in Eb (alt. to Bb Clarinet 6)
Bass Clarinet in Bb 1
Bass Clarinet in Bb 2 (alt. Contra Alto Clarinet in Eb)
Contra Alto Clarinet in Eb (alt. Bass Clarinet in Bb 2)
Contrabass Clarinet in Bb (optional)
Drum Kit (optional)
Percussion (optional)
Glockenspiel (optional)

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