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Where Spirits & Demons Dance

saxophone & piano edition

Composed by: Nigel Wood
Genre: Contemporary

Audio/Video Samples

The golden saxophone indicates official Saxtet Publications recordings

SoundCloud  Official
Free Play-along piano track - Kristian Banatzianou

 Where Spirits & Demons Dance (MP3) Official
Free Play-along piano track - Kristian Banatzianou (same MP3 as above)

 Where Spirits & Demons Dance (MP3)
The first CD dedicated to the Soprillo - the world's smallest saxophone

 Where Spirits & Demons Dance (MP3)
Sax Choir Version from 'Sax to the Max!' CD by the NSC

YouTube  Official
soprillo & piano version from Soprillogy CD (Nigel Wood and JonathanTaylor)

YouTube  Official
flute version - Katherine Birtles with Play-along piano track

EUROSAX Ensemble Alcazaba

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