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The Right Time

saxophone quartet edition

Composed by: Karen Street
Genres: Ballad, Rock


Our amateur quartet is a great fan of Karen Street. We have all three Fairer Sax books and her Street Collection. We love the 'ballady' mood of The Right Time, and as one of us said while rehearsing it, if someone put words to it it would be a hit record. Our sop player desperately wanted to take bars 1&2 and 10&11 up an octave, but we managed eventually to persuade her otherwise! Karen's notes are absolutely right, and everyone below the melody has to be spot on with their rhythm, phrasing and breathing. Rightly or wrongly we play this piece in a very cantabile style, indeed, as though there were words with it, and it works extremely well. Thanks again Karen Street for a lovely addition to our repertoire.
Peter Boyd, 5.3.12

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