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Street Collection

saxophone quartet edition

Composed by: Karen Street / Traditional
Arranged by: Karen Street
Genre: Various


Well this is simply a winner book. It has various combinations to parts making it a very flexible book. I wouldn't have believed that pieces for three altos and a tenor could have sounded so good. The pieces are accessible and very playable. They are around grade six. As to be expected they are very well-written and Karen Street has a real knack of making familiar styles in a simply written manner sound absolutely class. I found her version of 'Kumbaya' genuinely moving and 'Funk Dunk' is an absolute cracker. What is great about this book is that it doesn't need a bari and exploits the sounds of three altos, which is still one of my favourite sonorities.
Gerard McChrystal - Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine, Summer 2006

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